The Latest Event Technology Additions You Need to Have at Your Event

The Latest Event Technology Additions You Need to Have at Your Event

Let’s get DIGITAL! (digital!)

As you move forwards towards creating a memorable event that your attendees will truly engage with, we always remind planners to remember the TECH aspects of an event! Over the years, Details! has come across some truly unique and engaging event technology that has worked to increase attendee engagement at our events, assisted in planning, helped market our clients’ brands, and improved the event-goer experience (and we aren’t just talking about social media, AV, and lighting technology!). Ready to bring your event to the ‘tech’ side? Take a look at the latest event technology additions that you’ve been looking for to have at your next event!


Events are visual affairs. In order to appeal to your audiences and create engaging visuals, you have to go beyond the banners, décor, and physical signage. Digital displays are the latest and greatest addition! These virtual billboards allow event hosts to display a wide selection of information to a large group of people all at once. One such program that allows you to do this is OpenHwy!

OpenHwy is amazing for users; utilizing display software and programming to enhance the visuals of your event. This unique tech experience broadcasts ads, event/conference schedules, and even shares social media posts posted by your attendees (don’t forget to share your event hashtag!). Who doesn’t get excited when they see their post and social media handle on the big screen?


BONUS TIP: When deciding where to place your event broadcasting screens, think like an attendee! How large is the venue? How many attendees will be at your event? How many screens would be enough to be seen multiple times by each guest? Where will attendees gather? Where would be the most useful and accessible place for attendees to find information? Place your screens in these locations to guarantee they will have access to all of the important information you’re displaying.

Mobile Charging Stations

We live in a demanding digital age that revolves around what we can access and do with our mobile phones. We take photos, send and receive text messages, monitor emails, write notes, set reminders, and manage tasks. There is an endless amount of information on our phones. Is it any wonder that we have a minor heart attack when we temporarily lose/misplace our device? Don’t let your attendees’ hearts suffer! Instead, give them helpful event technology like mobile charging stations to solve their immediate need! Place these throughout your venue in places where they are out of the way but easily accessed. Then your attendees can text, tweet, take photos, write, and even use your customized event app without worrying about their phone dying. Trust us when we say, a charged phone is a HAPPY guest!

Event Bots

It takes time to answer all of your attendee’s questions, but it is critical that they receive timely answers. If you don’t have the time or people-power to answer every question, then we suggest you add the this event technology to your occasion… ‘Event Bots’!

An event bot is a customized program used to reduce the amount of time you spend answering questions, and instead provide your guests their standard with answers, sent directly to their phones, automatically. One of our favourite event bots is the award winning 42 Chat. Here is how it works:

  1. Attendee sends a text with their question to the event bot number provided.
  2. The event bot uses keyword analysis from pre-made questions and answers to determine what the attendee is asking, and what answer they require.
  3. The answer that best fits their question keywords is sent back to the attendee using pre-made, on-brand, personalized answers crafted by you!

Event bots can answer questions such as ‘Where do I park?’ ‘What time does the event start?’ ‘How much is event admission’, and more! If the bot receives a question that does not match a pre-made question/answer, then it will redirect the user to a team member who can answer it instead. Event bots will drastically improve the communication you have with your attendees, answering questions at any time of day, while saving you time to focus on other event management tasks.


BONUS TIP: With 42 Chat your attendees can also request reminders and alerts with notifications so they can be alerted of event changes, event happenings, or even emergencies!

Event Bots - Event Technology


When it comes to fundraising events, one of the favored fundraising initiatives is to host a silent auction. These are a lot of fun for guests, as they can bid on high-valued items while knowing they are supporting a great cause! Most traditional silent auctions use a clipboard and piece of paper, but it is time to kick out tradition and bring in something new. Your silent auction deserves a platform that will engage guests, increase bids, improve audience participation, and add flare to your event! Introducing Givergy!

Givergy is an event technology fundraising site that transforms your local bidding into an online extravaganza! Every bid and counter-bid are made on a mobile phone through the program. With Givergy, you can create custom auctions that promote your brand, advertise sponsors, and raise MORE for your cause! What we love about this program is that it shares real-time updates of auction items and constantly updates users with notifications to ensure that they have a chance to raise their bids. With the addition of these mobile bidding apps, it has been found that the total number of bids greatly increases! Givergy is a faster and more effective way to host a silent auction that will increase the revenue you receive from each auction item and increase the excitement!


BONUS TIP: Not sure what items to put up for auction? Browse the Givergy auction item catalogue to find a wide selection of great products that will be sure to start fun bidding wars!

Ready to get geeky and boost your event experience? Add these latest event tech programs and apps to your event!

Not too sure if you can manage these additional features yourself? We get it! By adding new tech to your event, it also becomes one more thing that you (or your event manager) has to manage. That is why Details! offers app management. Let us manage it all for you, so you can focus on enjoying the event, mingling with your attendees, and providing them an exceptional experience from the front lines. We will cover the rest!