Welcome to the new website for Details

Welcome to the new website for Details! The biggest challenge for me when doing the website is trying to articulate WHAT we do, HOW we do it, WHY we do it and then convince potential customers that we’re the right people to HELP YOU do it. We can do so much, or just pieces for clients. It can be a huge tip to tail piece where we’re helping you from the concept stage, finding venues, developing the program, developing a sponsorship prospectus, a tradeshow design and exhibitor contract, registration, finding speakers, production management… the list goes on and on. Alternatively you may only need a piece of the event puzzle – production, help with you app, site selection, registration… that list could go on and on too.

But the reality is that we usually stay within our wheelhouse of events that we know how to manage, and we manage them really well. We’ll assemble the pieces of our services to get you the help you need within your budget. But we don’t promote services for every TYPE of event. So you don’t see brides or personal social events on our pages. I don’t promote doing Stampede breakfasts (unless it’s within a conference and then I’ll serve all the pancakes and bacon desired!). If I was having to help someone evaluate event company websites I’d ask that question “What do they promote that they do” and if the type of events are all over the map then I’d know they probably take on anything that comes in the door… and that tells me a lot. It tells me that they haven’t found their niche, or they haven’t found what they love to do, or that they are brand new.

(There are exceptions to this… I know some FANTASTIC planners who do a lot of great corporate work and some weddings here and there.)

I hope you find the services that you need within our website and some helpful information on events here on the blog. I’m here to help – so even if you need to ask a quick question please contact us.