Site Selection

Location, location, location. You hear that all the time for real estate transactions, but the same is true of choosing a venue for your event.

When choosing a venue for your event, ensure that the site is:

  • Accessible in terms of getting to and navigating around the venue regardless of if the guest is differently-abled or full-abled.
  • Comfortable: appropriate AC or heat indoors, shaded areas and rainout backup shelters if outside, access to smoking/cannabis smoking areas that fall within the city’s regulations, enough toilets and water for sanitary conditions for the duration of the event (renting portables may be required for outdoor events), etc.
  • Logical for the event. It’s hard to get a liquor licence in a venue that caters primarily to children or cater a hot sit-down meal in an outdoor space with no electricity. The logistics of the theme versus the venue must be carefully considered.
  • Safe, with enough exits for an orderly evacuation and easy access for emergency services.
  • Within your budget. What are ALL the costs associated with the venue.  Consider all taxes, fees and rental costs that may affect your bottom line.

Let Details! Find Your Perfect Venue

We have years of experience finding the best venue for events, conferences, galas and more. Our site selection goes far beyond showing you the perfect venue. It starts with us fully understanding the needs of your event and the range of your budget, researching all the best possible locations, obtaining quotes from all your viable options, negotiating with the venue of your choice, and facilitating the contract.

Event planners are assured of getting the best rate because we do not accept commission or bonuses from venues. We act only in the interests of our clients.

Don’t fret over the many, many details of event site selection when Details! is here to ensure you get the perfect event venue that will wow your guests.