One of the biggest challenges for any event is streamlining the registration process. Registration, be it online and/or at the event, sets the tone for the entire occasion. If guests are stuck in long lines as attendants struggle to find their names on the guest list, or if the online registration crashes frequently, guests instantly lower their expectations of the entire event. Details! has a proven process for efficient registration to ensure your event is a success from the get-go.

Efficient registration starts long before the event

Event registration should never be left to the last minute. As you start planning your event, devote time to figure out how you want the registration to go. Do you want everyone to check in on site? What online registration best fits your requirements and your budget?

Don’t just stop there – what information do you need to collect to help create a great experience for your guests?  What information do you need to keep them safe?  What information will you collect that will help you with future programming?   Use the registration process as a key tool in your event and organization.

Don’t just stop there either – you want to set the tone for your event, so make the process fun. Offer discounts or prizes for early-bird registrants. Have a live countdown timer to the event’s start, or count-up timer showing how many people check in. Display it in real

After the Event

Debrief the registration process. Ask guests to rate the process’ efficiency on your feedback forms. Determine what went well and what could be improved for the next event.

Details! has an efficient registration process that works for any type of event

Rely on our expertise for your event registration. Details! will:

  • Develop a registration page that collects demographic information that you can use to understand your audience better and customize your event to their needs
  • Set up a customized registration site that matches your organization’s brand
  • Process all payments
  • Provide custom reports 24/7

Contact us today to handle this and any other aspect of your event planning.