Event Technologist

Finding the best and latest event technology trends to create unparalleled, enhanced experiences for your events.

Take your event technology experience beyond digital ‘additions’ to create a technical opportunity where attendees, the venue, and various event features merge into a streamlined strategy.

Event technology is constantly under development, and with the many innovations unveiled in the event industry, technology is re-creating not only the way we experience events, but the way we plan them. These improvements include occasions designed to engage, understand, and connect on multiple systems on a deeper level with attendees. Understanding ALL of the options, the pricing, the value, and the benefits is hard to keep up to date with.  And we are here to help or take that over for you!


We capture all the moving parts and make sense of them as a whole, streamlining them so the event operates as one.

Our event technology team is continually digging for the latest technology trends and transforming them into implementable features to include in your event - when, and only when, it will enhance the attendee experience and support the overarching initiative. We also look at the technology that helps you in the planning process.

With over 30 years of event management and planning experience, we know what makes our lives easier and will give you a streamlined planning process, along with a better understanding of your attendees.

Through technology monitoring, merging, and implementation strategies, our Event Technologist will provide a deliberate and tactical roadmap for how to include the latest industry tech options. Our technologist will also monitor how the technology is performing during the event to ensure it is lending itself to the end goals of the event.

Event Technologists provide innovative solutions to enhance your event, including:

  • Providing Research on Event Technology Options
  • Developing an Event Technology Strategy
  • Setting up Registration Software
  • Managing Virtual Events
  • Creation and Management of Mobile Event Apps
  • Engaging and Interacting with Virtual Audiences in Real-Time
  • Collaborating with Vendors to Merge Technological Additions
  • Reviewing and Compiling Event Technology Analytics
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